Technical Information: Sheep

We are proud of our products and their positive impact on livestock performance. As such, we want to share with you our scientific and technical data. Please browse through this section to examine up-to-date product information, trial results and research data to understand how our live yeast products could benefit the sheep in your care.
Beef & Lamb: Optimise rumen function for improved feed efficiency

With feed and forage representing 70% of the variable costs of finishing beef and lambs, improving its utilisation can have a substantial impact on profitability. Feed efficiency, or the amount of growth achieved on a decided amount of feed, is affected by a number of factors including genetics, env...

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Optimise immunity pre-lambing with ewe nutrition and Safmannan

As we head towards the busy lambing period, it really pays to think ahead about ewes’ nutritional requirements and immune status during the final six weeks of pregnancy. Not only does this ensure lambs have the best start in life, it also can save time during the hectic lambing period.

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Getting ewe nutrition right in the pre-lambing period

As we head towards the lambing season it is important to focus on ewe nutrition to ensure optimum flock performance. The ewe’s rapidly growing foetus and hormonal changes reduce intakes and rumen capacity at a time of increased nutrient requirements.

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Actisaf Lamb Presenter

Download our technical handbook on finishing lamb nutrition and Actisaf.

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Maximising returns from store lamb production: diet advice and the role of Actisaf live yeast

Assuming farmers have assessed resources, prepared a budget and are going to finish home grown or bought-in lambs, there are a number of key nutrition and management factors to get right to ensure success.

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Video: Managing pre-lambing ewe nutrition

Tips on managing pre-lambing ewe nutrition from Debby Brown, Veterinary Nutritionist for Phileo Lesaffre Animal Care GB and Ireland

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