Case Studies

You can have high yields and fertility

Many dairy farmers worry that increasing milk yield on grass based systems can reduce fertility performance and cow health to an unacceptable level, particularly on a spring calving herd.

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Good growth rates with good health

For British Blue breeder, Philip Halhead, it is essential that his beef animals achieve good growth rates whilst maintaining functionality and health.

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Improved health and performance for Texel flock

Better liveweight gain and improved health are two clear benefits that Nigel Hamill has seen since including Actisaf in his lamb and ewe ration.

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Actisaf improves herd health for Antrim beef farmer

When Alistair and Nancy Hall turned their pedigree Aberdeen Angus heifers out to grass they didn’t seem to be doing very well.

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Live yeast improves health and performance

A simple low cost dairy system is delivering results for one farmer in County Armagh.

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A history of using Actisaf on an historic farm

Fardel Barton, near Ivybridge in Devon, has certainly got some history.

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