Case Studies

Actisaf helps maintain performance on spring grazing for high-genetic merit herd

Many dairy herds will see milk butterfat levels drop when their herd is grazing lush, spring grass – something that is often accompanied by dungs becoming loose.

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Actisaf supports rising milk yields

Peaks Farm is located in the village of Onneley, just inside the Cheshire border and overlooking the surrounding counties of Staffordshire and Shropshire.

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Actisaf helps rumen performance

The inclusion of Actisaf live yeast in the milking and dry cow diets at Little Hook farm in Haverfordwest, South Wales, is helping to maintain the performance of a high-yielding herd.

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Actisaf improves forage utilisation from silage and grazing

The cows have always been good at utilising forage at Brook House Farm near Whitchurch, Shropshire, and, when a problem arose with silage quality, introducing Actisaf live yeast significantly improved cow performance across both silage and grazed grass.

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Harvey and Clare Keys run 300 sows on their farm on a birth to bacon basis...

Although Harvey and his siblings are the sixth generation to live and work on the family farm, it was Harvey who established the pig enterprise, diversifying into this area to allow the farm to remain sustainable on his return from college.

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Calf performance improves with Actisaf and Safmannan...

The inclusion of Actisaf and Safmannan in the calf diet at Little Hook Farm in Haverfordwest, South Wales has contributed to significant young stock improvements.

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