Case Studies

Improvement in rumen function seen after introduction of Actisaf®

Loose, bubbly dung is often indicative of bigger problems in cattle, and can often accompany stressful periods such as calving, diet transitions or group changes. Quick recognition and early intervention is key to ensuring that a more serious condition doesn’t occur.

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Actisaf supports hindgut function in Showjumping ponies

Paul and Angie Proudley keep eight show jumping horses and ponies on Hall Farm in the North York Moors National Park, all of which are ridden by their daughters Sarah, aged 10, and Rachel, 13, as they compete successfully across Great Britain.

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Actisaf maintains rumen function during changes in diet

Diet changes and forage variability are inevitable parts of any dairy business, often leading to digestive upset, acidosis and subsequent losses in milk production which often go unseen. However, these negative effects can be avoided managing diet changes and by optimising the rumen environment.

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Actisaf primes cows for the lactation diet

Ensuring a smooth transition from the dry period to lactation is key to setting cows up for successful performance and reproduction for the entire lactation. Correct nutrition, optimised rumen function, maintaining a consistent diet and cow comfort are essential to maximising herd health and perform...

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Actisaf improves rumen function during grass turnout…

Transitioning dairy herds to grass in the spring means a change in diet and environment for cows, which can often impact rumen function whilst gut microbes adjust to the change in levels of nutrients.

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Successful use of Actisaf and Safmannan in a zero-grazing system

Colin Murphy, farms together with parents Brian & Mary, near Knockbridge, Dundalk and currently milks 350 cows on their 400-acre farm.

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