Case Studies

Correct inclusion rates per ton of feed essential to Actisaf addressing acidosis on lush grass covers

It is widely acknowledged that cows get ‘a bit loose’ in the spring when they are grazing on lush pasture. Many dismiss this as an inevitability and nothing more than an inconvenience at milking time, yet these loose dungs are often symptomatic of underlying issues with poor rumen digestion due to a...

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Calves get off to a great start with Actisaf and Safmannan

Dairy farmer, Jim Scott, has been pleased with the benefits he's seen from feeding Actisaf live yeast to his cows. So, when he heard about a calf bucket that combines Actisaf with Safmannan premium yeast fraction, he was keen to find out more…

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Safmannan supports healthy, thriving youngstock

When you have a calf rearing system that shows excellent results, seeing a benefit from making a change to the diet can be hard.

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Removing Actisaf from herd’s diet resulted in return of acidosis…

The inclusion of Actisaf in cow rations has enabled one family farming partnership in Annan, Scotland, to maintain high milk yields without having to worry about the negative impact of acidosis on cow health and performance.

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Actisaf helps deliver consistency

Consistency is key for Lancashire dairy farmer, Steven Holden (pictured), and that’s why he feeds his herd Actisaf live yeast.

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A smooth transition

Jon Barber didn’t have the best start to the contract farming agreement, Herdwise, he entered into with Robert Wain, on November 1st last year.

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