Case Studies

Milk yields get a boost from Actisaf

Adding live yeast to the diet at Hare Appletree Farm has helped farmer, Andrew Metcalfe, improve milk yields whilst achieving more milk from forage.

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Actisaf supports milk composition

Low milk prices last year led Yorkshire dairy farmers, Gary & Steven Swires, to question the inclusion of yeast in their dairy cow rations, despite having fed yeast for a long time.

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Attention to detail producers uniform, high quality cattle

Always keeping an eye on what the customer wants is key to success for Powys suckler to store beef producer, Russell Williams, who farms on 900 acres at Red House Farm near Trefeglwys.

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Actisaf and Safmannan support production of fantastic home-grown beef

The McKee family has been farming at Strangford View Farm in the Craigantlet Hills outside Newtownards, Northern Ireland since 1922.

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Actisaf minimises dips in butterfat % during the second grazing rotation

Many spring-calving dairy herds will see milk butterfat results slide when cows graze on lush spring grass, due to the lack of structural fibre in the diet, and that was certainly something that dairy farmer, John Power, had experienced before he started to use Actisaf live yeast.

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Correct inclusion rates per ton of feed essential to Actisaf addressing acidosis on lush grass covers

It is widely acknowledged that cows get ‘a bit loose’ in the spring when they are grazing on lush pasture. Many dismiss this as an inevitability and nothing more than an inconvenience at milking time, yet these loose dungs are often symptomatic of underlying issues with poor rumen digestion due to a...

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