About Us

Since its foundation in 1853, the Lesaffre Group has been at the forefront of innovation in the field of yeast and yeast extracts.....

Lesaffre has developed an international reputation in the animal nutrition market through the work of its specialist animal nutrition division, Phileo Lesaffre Animal Care, which has pioneered the use of live yeast feed additives to improve livestock performance.

Working as part of this wider international business, Phileo UK and Ireland manages the sales, distribution and technical support on the full range of Phileo products across the UK and Ireland.

Our dedicated team is on hand to provide technical guidance on livestock nutrition and digestive performance across all the main livestock species.

From our head office in Shannon, County Clare and our Distribution Centre in Doagh, County Antrim, Phileo UK and Ireland is able to coordinate and distribute Phileo Lesaffre products to the animal feed sector throughout the UK and Ireland.

Our team

We have a team of dedicated livestock specialists located throughout the UK and Ireland, ready to provide you with the very best customer support.

With specialists working across all livestock sectors, we ensure that you are provided with up-to-date and relevant advice, enabling you to make the most effective use of our products and optimise livestock performance and feed efficiency for your farmer customers.

Our team can provide advice on:

-       Product specification and inclusion rates

-       Livestock nutrition and diet formulation

-       Digestive performance and feed efficiency

If you want specific advice or guidance from a member of our team, please get in contact with us

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