Case Studies

Actisaf drives milk from forage

When his farming contract agreement began, Shropshire farmer Jon Barber made achieving milk production from home grown forage without compromising yields a key aim. Over the last six years, he has invested heavily in the farm’s infrastructure and designed his system to meet these aims. The results s...

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Driving lamb growth and vigour with Actisaf and Safmannan

When it comes to finishing high quality lambs, good management and nutrition are essential to get right - but the focus shouldn’t just be on the post-lambing period. How ewes are managed and fed in the six weeks prior to lambing has a huge impact on the vigour, growth gains and health of the lambs t...

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Lambs thrive on pellets with Actisaf

Steve Buckley keeps 200 Suffolk and Texel breeding ewes and their lambs, as well as breeding Suffolk and cross bred tups. He grazes the flock on 345 acres at Sitting Low Farm near Buxton, Derbyshire, along with 120 suckler cows. His pedigree flock is well-known, with the Sitlow Suffolk line performi...

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Durham farmer won’t run out of Actisaf again

David Walker milks a herd of 100 dairy cows at High Woodifield Farm in County Durham. His all-year-round calving herd averages 10,500 litres with 3.35% protein and 4.12% butterfats, and they are fed a TMR ration of grass silage, wholecrop, soya meal and barley.

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Improvement in rumen function seen after introduction of Actisaf®

Loose, bubbly dung is often indicative of bigger problems in cattle, and can often accompany stressful periods such as calving, diet transitions or group changes. Quick recognition and early intervention is key to ensuring that a more serious condition doesn’t occur.

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Actisaf supports hindgut function in Showjumping ponies

Paul and Angie Proudley keep eight show jumping horses and ponies on Hall Farm in the North York Moors National Park, all of which are ridden by their daughters Sarah, aged 10, and Rachel, 13, as they compete successfully across Great Britain.

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