Case Studies

Dairy farmer uses Actisaf to support cow health and performance on robotic dairy unit

Balancing feeding cows enough concentrate to support higher yields, but not compromising rumen health is a challenge on any high-performance dairy unit. Including Actisaf in his cows’ diet has helped dairy farmer, James Moore, maintain strong cow health and performance despite this challenge.

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Actisaf® helping to produce healthier, happier and heavier piglets

Gareth Marry runs a 500-sow birth to bacon unit in County Meath, producing 300 piglets a week. After taking over the farm from his father in 2015, Gareth had ambitious plans to increase piglet growth rates. Now, following several refinements to the production system, the average litter weaning weigh...

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New dairy enterprise puts milk from forage first

The Hanmer brothers from Hanmer in Shropshire began dairy farming in 2020, with a clear vision: milk from forage. George and Tom Hanmer are not your typical seasoned dairy farmers - they launched their dairy careers only in June 2020. They have worked together and separately on beef and sheep fa...

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Supporting high milk yields and lamb health

Ewe’s milk is a fantastic nutritional resource for lambs, but to maximise the amount and quality of milk that ewes provide, they must have the correct nutritional support. For sheep farmer Robert Power, based near Cahir in Co Tipperary, utilising a specialist high-protein concentrate has helped not...

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Switch to new concentrate feed supports lamb health and vigour

After diagnosing bacterial joint infections in several of his lambs and noticing a general decline in lamb vigour, farmer John Large started investigating possible reasons for this drop-off in lamb performance. After consulting with his vet and identifying ewe colostrum quality and milk provision as...

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Actisaf drives milk from forage

When his farming contract agreement began, Shropshire farmer Jon Barber made achieving milk production from home grown forage without compromising yields a key aim. Over the last six years, he has invested heavily in the farm’s infrastructure and designed his system to meet these aims. The results s...

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