Case Studies

Running out of Actisaf cost 2-3 litres/day

Last year dairy farmer, David Walker, was concerned about milk yields and fertility performance, but couldn’t get to the bottom of what was causing the issues with his herd.

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High quality beef cattle benefit from Actisaf

If you want to see beef cattle at their best then the Jalex herd is a good place to start.

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Displaced abomasums a thing of the past

This time last year Northern Ireland dairy farmers Walter and Peter Speers had a problem.....

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Yeast improves digestive health

Yeast is an important component of both calf and dairy cow rations for dairy farmer, Tom Osborne.

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Feeding for breeding

In 2007 Alistair Graham and his cousin, Paul Brown, faced the agonising reality that their beef herd had Brucellosis and would have to be culled.

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Actisaf provides solution to challenging silage

Cud-balling during the winter feeding period had become something that Shropshire dairy farmer, James Turnock, was used to seeing, particularly in his higher yielding cows.

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