Case Studies

Actisaf helps achieve milk quality targets

The Pye family run the Bay Herd of 240 pedigree Jerseys from their farm in Arkholme, Lancashire. Husband and 
wife, Geoff and Deb, along with their son Matt, and daughter Sarah, supply milk to Garstang-based Dewlay Cheesemakers.

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Actisaf gives beef animals a boost

Beef finishers Jim and Paul Andrew are seeing impressive weight gains on their beef animals following the inclusion of Actisaf in their blend.

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Minimising drops in performance during diet changes

Diet changes are a fact of life on 
livestock farms. A clamp of silage is
 made up from many fields that vary in terms of quality of ley and harvesting conditions.

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Actisaf resolves acidosis problem

Whilst Cumbrian dairy farmer, Malcolm Errington, was generally pleased with the yield and milk quality from his herd of 200 cows, he was concerned that lameness and fertility levels were higher than they should be.

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Acidosis eliminated in two days with Actisaf

Like many other farmers, Chris and Catherine Chappelhow had very acidic silage as a result of the poor weather during 2012.

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Heifers thrive with Actisaf in their diet

Denis Connell’s dairy heifers are thriving and he puts this down to the inclusion of Actisaf Farm Pack Plus in their ration.

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