Case Studies

Actisaf boosts milk yields

For dairy farmers Barry and Philip Meeke, Actisaf has not only boosted milk yields, but also improved herd fertility and provided a solution to scouring in calves.

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Feeding Actisaf Yeast helps maintain high performance

With the backdrop of low milk prices, Ed Evans is like most dairy farmers in his desire to optimise the performance of his 190 strong, Holstein Friesian dairy herd.

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Actisaf continues to deliver for heifer rearer

Improved growth rates and better fertility have been the key benefits that one heifer rearer has seen as a result of using Actisaf live yeast.

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A problem with twisted guts led me to feed Actisaf…

For all pig farmers, maximising piglet production and establishing rapid early growth is essential to ensure that a unit remains as efficient as possible.

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Actisaf delivers improved intakes on spring grazing

Whilst it seems like winter is only just upon us, it will not be many weeks until some farmers are starting to think about turnout on to early spring grazing. With that in mind, in this article we look at how feeding Actisaf live yeast helped one milk producer improve dry matter intakes and reduce d...

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Actisaf reduces beef finishing period

Getting bought-in store cattle on to
 a finishing diet quickly and without digestive upset is a challenge faced by all beef finishers.

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