Case Studies

Maintaining strong herd performance

Andrew Williams and his wife Elaine have been farming at The Stocks Farm, in Welshampton, for the last fifteen years.

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Maintaining good rumen health whilst driving intakes

Good performance and good rumen health go together according to dairy farmer, Adam Sill.

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Actisaf helps balance high performance ration

One of the challenges of managing
 high yielding dairy cows is getting the balance right between rumen health and performance.

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Actisaf boosts milk yields

For dairy farmers Barry and Philip Meeke, Actisaf has not only boosted milk yields, but also improved herd fertility and provided a solution to scouring in calves.

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Feeding Actisaf Yeast helps maintain high performance

With the backdrop of low milk prices, Ed Evans is like most dairy farmers in his desire to optimise the performance of his 190 strong, Holstein Friesian dairy herd.

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Actisaf continues to deliver for heifer rearer

Improved growth rates and better fertility have been the key benefits that one heifer rearer has seen as a result of using Actisaf live yeast.

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