Actisaf improves herd health for Antrim beef farmer

When Alistair and Nancy Hall turned their pedigree Aberdeen Angus heifers out to grass they didn’t seem to be doing very well.

The yearling heifers, which make up part of the acclaimed Beechview Herd, didn’t seem to be growing, had dull coats and a lack of appetite.

“I don’t know what was wrong but the animals 
just didn’t seem to get going,” explained Alistair. “They were not making the most of the grass and just seemed lifeless.”

Alistair was concerned about the well being of the beasts and discussed it with Keiron Forbes, Technical Director at Phileo UK & Ireland.

“I went out to see
 the animals and they certainly weren’t at their best,” Keiron explained. “I suggested that Alistair tried feeding Actisaf Farmpack Plus – a yeast supplement that can help bind pathogens and improve gut health. Alistair fed this at 50 grams per head per day down a trough in the field.”

And after six weeks the difference in the animals was marked. “Almost immediately the heifers seemed more healthy,” Alistair said. “Their dung consistency improved and their coats looked better. We got less cud balls, they looked fitter and started growing better. After six weeks they were like different beasts!”

Alistair was so impressed by the difference that the Actisaf Farmpack Plus made that he has continued to feed it all summer.

“I am really pleased with the performance of our heifers this year,” he concluded. “And because we sell the majority of our offspring for breeding stock it was crucial that we addressed these issues when we did in order for us to maximise our returns.”

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