Technical Information: Cows and Beef Cattle

We are proud of our products and their positive impact on livestock performance. As such, we want to share with you our scientific and technical data. Please browse through this section to examine up-to-date product information, trial results and research data to understand how our live yeast products could benefit the cows and beef cattle in your care.
Grass silage

As we approach the winter feeding period
 it is looking like an uncertain few months ahead for UK and Irish dairy farmers. Global influences seem to be exerting downward pressure on milk prices, although the feed market is falling due to the adequate global supply of cereals and proteins, which is, ...

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Optimising nutrition and rumen function to improve milk constituents

For an increasing number of farmers in the UK, the price paid for a litre of milk will be determined by the percentage of milk fat and protein contained within each litre. This article looks at the factors that affect yield of fat and protein and how they can be influenced through the diet and throu...

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Rumen function drives performance

Many people are advising that this winter offers the opportunity for profitable milk production as a result of the favourable relationship between milk prices and feed prices.

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Feeding for performance and health in a difficult winter...

The incessant wet weather over recent months has created huge pressure on dairy and beef farmers for the coming winter. It is, therefore, important to plan winter feeding now to mitigate the financial impact on farm.

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Dietary buffering

Feeding dairy cows is a balancing act. It is important 
to get sufficient energy and protein into the cow to maximise genetic potential in milk yield, and yet energy dense diets can increase rumen acidity, leading to health problems and poor performance.

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Avoid costly issues at turnout this spring...

Turning livestock out to grass as soon as weather and ground conditions allow and once sufficient grass covers have built up, should at least in theory be the core focus for farmers over the
 next few weeks. Because grass is cheaper than silage or concentrate feeds, getting cows out 
to grass early ...

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