Technical Information: Cows and Beef Cattle

We are proud of our products and their positive impact on livestock performance. As such, we want to share with you our scientific and technical data. Please browse through this section to examine up-to-date product information, trial results and research data to understand how our live yeast products could benefit the cows and beef cattle in your care.
Top tips for turnout to grass

Making the most of high quality grazed grass and efficiently converting it into milk solids is critical for any profitable dairy enterprise. As the grazing season approaches here are some top tips to making the best of spring grazing, highlighting some of the factors that can cause issues...

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Successful heifer rearing: focus on the pre-weaning calf

Heifer rearing costs represent the second highest cost on dairy farms after feed, with costs ranging from 13-20 per cent of total milk production costs.

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Driving feed efficiency in beef cattle

This summer, Kevin Doyle from Phileo UK and Ireland (pictured right) was invited to speak at an AHDB Beef and Lamb event in Dorset. The theme of the day was ‘Driving feed Efficiency in Your Beef Enterprise’ and Kevin presented a session on nutrition, looking at practical ways for beef farmers to get...

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Actisaf heat stress presenter

Download our technical handbook on heat stress

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Video: Managing calf rearing - from birth to weaning

Tips on managing calf rearing from James Ambrose, commercial and technical manager for Phileo Lesaffre Animal Care GB & Ireland.

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Get the best from silage this winter

Feeding cows through the winter is always a challenge and this year may be more difficult than some.

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